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Welcome to Studio 1-on-1 Fitness Training & Sports Training

Every body is welcome here. Whether you are brand new to exercise, need workouts while travleing or are a professional athlete looking for sport-specific drills, we have the training and expertise to help you achieve your fitness goals.

Our trainers are certified through nationally accredited associations, hold current CPR certifications and have a true passion for helping people reach their fitness goals.

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  • Personal Training
    • Are you being held accountable?

      Being a member of a Training Studio holds you accountable to your goals and your schedule. If you don't
      show up....

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  • Online Coaching
    • Hire Me As Your
      Online Coach!

      If budget and/or time are limited commodities, yet you want the help and expertise of a certified personal trainer, you've come to the right place!

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  • Sport Specific
    • Gain A
      Competitive Edge!

      Agility and sport-specific training is a must for any athlete desiring to gain speed and endurance. Working with our trainers...

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  • Stress Release
    • Someone To
      Push You.

      Maximize fitness gains through our Parter Training by finding a partner that has similar goals, attitudes, and discipline to
      your own...

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What Our Clients are saying
  • 1
    • I started working with Cindy shortly after having my first child. I had been an athlete my whole life prior to having my son but had never worked with a personal trainer before. After his birth I was looking to get back into shape but did not have hours to spend at the gym with a newborn. I decided to sign up for a series of 30 minute sessions with Cindy. Cindy really listened to what I was looking to accomplish and came up with short dynamic workouts for me to do at each of our sessions. I was amazed at the great workout I could get in just 30 minutes. Cindy specifically designed the workouts based on my goals and showed me that it was possible to get results in just 30 minutes. I would definitely recommend Cindy as a personal trainer for anyone looking to get in shape or improve their overall fitness level.

      Kelley G.

  • 2
    • I've been training at Studio 1-on-1 once or twice a week for a couple of years now with Cindy and my experience there has been extraordinary. I had been through a period of several years not working out at all and really needed help to kick start a program to get back in shape. They tailored workouts for me from day one that really challenged me but made me want to push through it and prove to myself I could do it. I've seen incredible results, lost weight, gained muscle mass and stamina, not to mention all the comments from friends and family about my positive change. I couldn't be happier with the team at 1-on-1!

      Sam, Sr. Systems Analyst

  • 3
    • Extraordinary Trainer! I have been training at Studio 1 on 1 consistently several times a week for over 7 years. My workout is customized to my needs and I can honestly say I haven't had the same workout yet! I've even worked out through two pregnancies and Laura took the time to make adjustments to my workout for my safety and comfort. I feel like when my muscles start to peak, Laura sees that and adjusts my workout accordingly. Incredible motivation! The studio is modern, clean and very private. The equipment is updated regularly so I don't feel like I'm working out on anything outdated. If you haven't yet tried a Sproing treadmill, this is the place to do it!

      Kim D.

  • 4
    • Having Laura as my personal trainer has greatly improved my quality of life. Prior to working out with her, I was in rough shape, recovering from an auto accident and afraid to attempt much physical activity. After a year and a half with Laura, I am definitely more physically confident in my everyday life. Laura always has new exercises and equipment to keep the workouts interesting. I like her studio where it is never crowded and always pleasant. Working out with Laura will continue to help me to deal with some of the physical challenges of aging. Thanks, Laura, for having the right amount of "serious" balanced with a great sense of fun.

      Martha, Artist

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